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What ACES is all about

Advertising Communication Eternal Student was launched in early February 2018 with the aim of becoming a website of creative inspiration and communication insights, featuring examples of great campaigns from around the world.

‘The Art of Brand Communication’ is the overriding theme of ACES and the many associated aspects of critical thinking required for positive consumer reactions and active responses.

Advertising communication after all is an intuitive art and not a science. Contrary to what some people believe or advocate there is no formula, nor rulebook that can guarantee success.

But, there are creative disciplines and critical thinking guidelines that if appropriately applied, and innovatively adapted for an ever-changing media environment, can greatly increase the professional efficacy of Advertising Communication.

Most important of all, is the formative discipline of acquiring the necessary human and consumer insights that are so fundamental to the creation of effective advertising communication. If you don’t have insight, you simply don’t have a concept.

There are many examples of insightful and highly effective advertising initiatives featured on ACES that show how rewarding creative approaches can be when communication guidelines and disciplines are inspirationally applied.

About The Four Menu Items:

1. Themes.
When searching for an idea, there are advertising themes and genres on this menu of entertaining commercials that are thought provokingly fun to consider for possible creative avenues to pursue.

2. Storytelling.
At the heart of all effective communication is a well-told story. This menu features examples of effective storytelling techniques and executional approaches.

3. Engagement.
With 600 million devices across the globe currently connected to AdBlok, viewer engagement and dis-engagement reactions are very topical issues. This menu features some successful examples of highly motivational brand communication initiatives that millions of viewers willingly, and rewardingly, embraced.

4. Topics.
This menu item explores topical brand communication issues, debatable definitions of advertising jargon and the guidelines and assessment standards of reliably evaluating creative processes.

Regular Updates

Menu items will be expanded upon and updated where necessary, with the many website followers that have bookmarked ACES as a useful ‘reference library’, very much in mind.

About Me

For those who might be interested, a short resume of a long advertising career. I spent 25 years in advertising agencies as an Art Director and Creative Director. I have been involved with award winning packaging design, print, outdoor-campaigns and cinema and television commercials.

Ten years were spent in Cape Town, South Africa and fifteen years in Brussels, Belgium working on local and Pan-European accounts involving up to fourteen EU countries at times.

I have had the good fortune of being involved with more than 400 photographic and film shoots in many different locations. South Africa, Belgium, France, Italy, London, The Netherlands, Spain and Portugal. Locations in the United States include New York, New Orleans, Miami, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The next 16 years were rewardingly spent as an academic in Higher Education at an Advertising School in Cape Town.