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The Art of Persuasion

William Bernbach:

“There are a lot of great technicians in advertising. And unfortunately they talk the best game. They know all the rules; but there’s one little rub”.

“They forget that advertising is persuasion, and persuasion is not a science, but an art. Advertising is the art of persuasion”.

“We don’t ask research to do what it was never meant to do, and that is to get an idea”.

Showcasing effective and innovative advertising communication examples from around the world, the overriding theme of ACES is the collaborative, and intuitive art of creative conceptualisers, the crafting skills and talents of animators, special effects developers, designers, voice artists, filmmakers, soundtrack composers, musicians, and singers.

About Me

For those who might be interested, a short resume of a long advertising career. I spent 25 years in advertising agencies as an Art Director and Creative Director, and been involved with award winning packaging design, print, outdoor-campaigns and cinema and television commercials.

Ten years were spent in Cape Town, South Africa and fifteen years in Brussels, Belgium, working on local and Pan-European accounts involving up to fourteen EU countries at times, and 16 rewarding years were spent as an academic in Higher Education at the AAA School of Advertising.

I have also had the good fortune of working with photographers and filmmakers in South Africa, Belgium, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, London, Pinewood Studios in Iver Heath Village England, and New York, New Orleans, Miami, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and Jackson Hole Wyoming, in the United States.