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Filmic Narratives Through The Eyes of Children

Advertising communication scenarios inspired by the limitless imagination of inventive young minds, provide great opportunities for compelling portrayals of imagined characters, conceptualisations of pure fantasy, and filmic narratives of pathos, and brand kinship, that are universal in appeal, and transcend race and gender psychographics.

Looking at the world from the perspective of a child, or adolescent, awakens smiling memories of one’s own youthful perceptions, idealistic dreams, and flights of imagination.

1. McDonald’s Happy Meal, Ralphie

Advertising Agency: Leo’s Thjnk Tank, Munich, Germany

Production Company: Oki Films, Munich, Germany

Post Production, Audio, and SFX Studios: NHB, Munich, Germany

Masterly directed by filmmaker Sune Sorensen, the McDonald’s brand affinity, ‘Happy Meal’ scenario, was brought to entertaining life, with a remarkable performance by the young star playing ‘Ralphie’.

The superbly produced, filmic narrative, about a young lad and his imaginary T-Rex friend, using an automated dinosaur body suit, invented in China, makes for impressive viewing, with a heart-warming, broad smile.

2. Zillow, The Journey

Advertising Agency: FIG, Langport, Somerset, UK

Production Company: Epoch Films, London, UK

Post Production and VFX Studios: Blacksmith, London, UK

Sound Design, Music Editing and Mixing Studios: Music Gems, London, UK

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, USA, Zillow is a real estate marketplace company that provides, selling, buying, renting, and financing services, through its website and mobile application platforms.

Mostly filmed on location in Prague, and directed by filmmaker Martin De Thurah, the cinematic Zillow ‘Journey’, with its superbly produced, dark storybook-imagery, captures a young girl’s anxiety and apprehension about moving, as her imagination paints a disturbing picture of the family’s new home.

In the end however, her mind is put to rest with the dawn of a sunny new day, and a reminder from Zillow, that “To move is to grow.”

The featured music soundtrack, was composed by lead guitarist, and keyboardist, of the alternative rock band Radiohead, Jonny Greenwood.

3. Cadbury Dairy Milk, Bus

Advertising Agency: VCCP,  London, UK

Production Company: Academy Films, London, UK

Production Services Company: MTP, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Post Production and VFX Studios: Freefolk, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

I love the power filmmaking has, of evoking a wealth of emotive reactions through pure film craft and acting talent.

Directed by filmmaker Frederic Planchon, with exemplary pathos, the compassionate ‘slice-of-life scenario’, of young boy and his Mum travelling on a bus, is an insightful manifestation of Cadbury Dairy Milk’s belief, that even the smallest gesture can bring a smile to someone who might need it.

Chris Birch and Jonny Parker, executive creative directors at VCCP added: “We’ve all been there; on a bus or a train, and seen someone sad and upset. Most of the time we look away, minding our own business. But the generous hearted amongst us know better. This film tells that story.”

4. Intermarché, Santa’s Diet

Advertising Agency: Romance, Paris, France

Production Company: Carnibird, Paris, France

The Romance Agency’s inspired scenario, for for the French Supermarket Chain, Intermarché, was brought to life by the stellar direction of filmmaker Katia Lewkowicz, who elicited impressive performances from her young cast.

The filmic narrative, centred on young lad’s concerns about Santa being too rotund to be able to slide down inside their chimney at home, and engaging the help of his caring sister to put Santa on a healthy diet, features a soundtrack of Henri Salvador’s well-known French song, “J’ai tant reve” (I’ve dreamt so much), and ends with Intermarchés insightful message; “We all have a reason to eat better every day”.

5. VW Passat, The Force

Advertising Agency: Deutsch, Los Angeles, California, USA

Production Company: Park Pictures, Los Angeles, California, USA

Skilfully directed by filmmaker Lance Acord, the scenario of a Star Wars inspired little ‘Darth Vader’, was brought to life with a charming portrayal of child-like imagination.

The multi-award winning filmic narrative, features a music soundtrack of ‘Imperial March’ by composer John Williams.

Aired during the 2011 Super Bowl American Football Championships, Deutsch’s VW ‘The Force’ commercial, according to Advertising Age, has become one of the most watched and shared commercials of all time.

And to this day, it’s remarkable public impact, of over 61 million online impressions, in a matter of hours, remains a much discussed and written about topic of advertising communication case studies.

6. John Lewis & Partners, Sam and Monty The Penguin

Advertising Agency: adam&eveDDB, London UK

Production Company: Blink, London, UK

Animation and VFX: Moving Picture Company (MPC), London, UK

Masterly directed by filmmaker Dougal Wilson, with the MPC VFX team lovingly crafting Monty for over five months for integration in a real-life environment, this 2014 Cannes Creative Effectiveness Grand Prix, and Film Craft Grand Prix winner, was described by jury president Andrew Robertson as follows:

“Everything the Cannes festival stands for. It’s beautiful, emotional work for a retail brand that was proven to have contributed to revenue growth of 132 million pounds”.

‘Monty The Penguin’ motivated 212,000 tweets, 165,000 online views, and 29 million ‘shares’ across all social channels. Overall, the campaign delivered a staggering 568 million impressions.

The integrated campaign included a ‘Monty App’ that hit the ‘iTunes Kids’ chart top spot with more than 500,000 interactive sessions.

7. Turkish Airlines, Dreams

Advertising Agency: Lowe, Istanbul, Turkey

Production Company: Filmpark, Istanbul, Turkey

Post Production and Film Effects Studio: Sinefekt, Istanbul, Turkey

Released on Turkey’s National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, 23 April 2014, the Turkish Airline ‘Hayal Edince’ (when you imagine), integrated advertising campaign, conceived by Lowe, Istanbul, was spearheaded by a commercial, that is rated as one of the country’s top 10 advertising greats of all time.

The campaign and film-scenario, was inspired by the Turkish National Carrier’s credo; “If there is a single place in Turkey we don’t fly, then what is the good of the rest of the world?”.

Appearing in front of a camera for the first time, the remarkable cast of four children, with a big dream of discovering the world, by bringing their village to the attention of the Airline’s expansionist program, is superbly portrayed and produced.

Masterly directed by filmmaker Bahadir Karatas, the enthusiasm, resolve, ingenuity, and dreamlike imagination of the children, as seen through their eyes, is cinematic story-telling at its very best.

8. Nestle, Share Your Goodness

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, Mumbai, India

Production Company: Nirvana Films, Bangalore, India

This charming commercial about the emotive bonding between an insecure young boy, and his warm-hearted, newly adopted little sister, not only took India by storm, it also reverberated globally with its insightful and sensitive portrayals.

Directed by filmmaker Prakash Varma, Nestle’s ‘Share Your Goodness’, is storytelling at its best, with remarkable performances by the adorable young stars.