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Jurassic Park’s Landmark Dinosaurs

Jurassic Park’s dramatic introduction of quick and deadly Raptor dinosaurs, and the slower, much larger Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs, are considered to be landmark developments of computer-generated imagery and animatronic visual effects.
The iconic Tyrannosaurus Rex, with its imposing size and small arms, undoubtedly made the biggest viewer impression and became globally recognised, by old and young alike, as ’T-Rex’.

It was inevitable that the striking public impact of computer-generated, and animated dinosaurs, would make entertaining appearances in commercials.

Steven Spielberg’s phenomenally successful Jurassic Park movie franchise, was originally inspired by Michael Crichton’s 1990 science-fiction novel, about a billionaire philanthropist, and a small team of genetic scientists, who created a wildlife park of cloned dinosaurs on Isla Nublar. A fictional Central American island, near Costa Rica.

1. UNDP, Don’t Choose Extinction

Advertising Agency: Activista, Los Angeles, USA

The scenario for the United Nations Development Programme’s climate crises campaign, centres on a talking dinosaur making a dramatic appearance at the UN General Assembly Hall, to startled security staff and international delegates.

The featured dinosaur is a North American Utahraptor. It was by far the biggest raptor ever to walk the earth.

The impressive integration of the live action footage and the computer-generated dinosaur, was produced by Framestore Pictures and VFX Studio’s Film Director, Murray Butler, and Creative Director, Marco Marenghi.

The ‘Don’t Choose Extinction’ address was penned by speech-writer David Litt, and the music soundtrack, by String and Tins Sound Design and Production, was composed by Rachel Portman OBE.

2. Audi, The Comeback

Advertising Agency: Razorfish, Berlin, Germany

A Tyrannosaurus Rex is the surprising focus of this touching, metaphoric narrative for Audi Piloted Driving.

The creatively inspired scenario of ‘The Comeback’ online commercial, directed by filmmaker Stephan Wever, features a T-Rex’s finding of joy after the depressingly long humiliation he had to endure because of his short arms.

The impressive creation of a congenial talking-dinosaur, by Sehsucht VFX & Postproduction Studio in Hamburg, Germany, rapidly went viral to global acclaim.

3. Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut, Dinosaur

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, London, UK

Highly popular with TV and cinema going audiences, this entertaining parody of a Jurassic inspired scene, was masterly directed by filmmaker Rocky Morton.

Filmed in a huge industrial kitchen in Cape Town, South Africa, the featured T-Rex, by animation and visual effects company Framestore, in London, took two challenging months to bring to spectacular life.

4. McDonald’s, Ralphie

Advertising Agency: Leo’s Thjnk Tank, Munich, Germany

Production Company: Oki Films. Munich, Germany

Post Production Company, NHB, Munich, Germany

Directed by filmmaker Sune Sorensen, the scenario about young lad Ralphie and his imaginary T-Rex friend, is compellingly charming.

Superbly produced, using an automated, dinosaur body suit, invented in China, the commercial is an entertaining filmic portrayal, of a day-dreaming youth’s vivid imagination.

5. AA Insurance, Dinosaur Versus Unicorn

Advertising Agency: DDB, Aukland, New Zealand

AA Insurance’s ‘Dinosaur Versus Unicorn’ commercial, is part of their ‘Live a little freer with us’ advertising campaign.

Directed by filmmaker Adam Gunser, with superb special effects by Alt.VFX, Brisbane, Australia, the filmic depictions of playful imaginations running a little wild, entertainingly underlines AA’s promise that they will cover any consequentially damaged or broken items people care about.

6. Samsung Smart TV, King of TV City

Advertising Agency: CHI & Partners, London

Directed by filmmaker Adam Berg, and filmed in Cape Town, the commercial features many dramatic scenes and references from iconic movies, that include UFO’s, and a close encounter with a T-Rex.

The special effects by The Moving Picture Company (MPC) in London, supervised by Franck Lambertz, are impressively cinematic and powerful, and make for rewarding viewing.

7. BC Dairy Association Canada, Survival of The Fittest

Advertising Agency: DDB, Vancouver, Canada

Animation and Special Effects: Screen Scene, Dublin, Ireland

Although millions of years separate dinosaurs and cavemen, and they never co-existed, imagining a world in which they did, can be great fun.

T-Rex’ and ‘Raptor’ are two hilarious commercials from BC Dairy’s ‘Survival of The Fittest’ campaign series of animated vignettes, directed by filmmaker Ruairi Robinson.