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My Favourite Kim Gehrig Commercials

This is another in the globally popular ACES series of featuring commercial film directors that I admire for their dedicated craftsmanship in bringing creative concepts and storylines to filmic life that enthral viewers, and motivate well-earned accolades from the Advertising Communications industry.

Kim Gehrig

Australian Kim Gehrig went to London in the late 1990’s to study at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London.
After graduating she spent eight years as an Art Director at the highly reputable Advertising Agency ‘Mother’ in London, before venturing into her successful career as a lauded filmmaker and director of commercials, documentaries, music videos and short films.

In 2009 Kim won ‘Best Urban Music Video’ at the UK Music Video Awards for British rapper, songwriter Wiley’s ‘Cash in My Pocket‘.

‘This Girl Can’, a commercial Kim Gehrig directed for Sport England and Advertising Agency FCB Inferno, was lauded in 2013 with a prestigious Cannes Glass Lion, three Cannes Gold Lions, seven Creative Circle awards, a D&AD pencil, three British Arrows Awards, and a silver Clio.

1. Sport England, This Girl Can

Advertising Agency: FCB Inferno, London, UK

Sponsored by the National Lottery, the Sport England ‘This Girl Can’ campaign was spearheaded with a commercial directed by Kim Gehrig.

The integrated media communication was a motivational call to women of all ages and sizes to get exercising and not be discouraged by glamourised images of fit young women with perfect bodies in designer sportswear, exercising in gyms, yoga classes, and outdoor activities that barely raise a sweat.

On AdAge, Jennie Price, chief executive of Sport England, explained the human insight behind the campaign.

“Before we began this campaign, we looked very carefully at what women were saying about why they felt sport and exercise was not for them. Some of the issues, like time and cost, were familiar, but one of the strongest themes was a fear of judgment.”

“Worries about being judged for being the wrong size, not fit enough and not skilled enough came up time and again.”

“In ‘This Girl Can’ we want to tell the real story of women who exercise and play sport, they come in all shapes and sizes and all levels of ability and they have a myriad of reasons for doing what they do.”

“The main thing is that you are a woman and you are doing something, and that deserves to be celebrated.”

2. Essity FemCare, Viva La Vulva

Advertising Agency: AMV BBDO, London, UK

Directed by filmmaker Kim Gehrig, the integrated campaign for the Swedish Essity FemCare brand known as ‘Libresse’ in the Nordic countries, and ‘Bodyform’ in the United Kingdom, combines live action and animation in memorable and amusing vaginal metaphors.

The objective of Essity FemCare’s brand communication campaign is to break down those taboos, insecurities and stereotypes that women are subjected to when it comes to their genitals, and celebrate the vulva in all its beautiful forms.

The Essity Company believes that society has projected a myth about the perfect vulva for far too long. The feelings of insecurity and social awkwardness this has caused have prevented women from having a positive relationship with their bodies.

Publicly lauded by women globally on social media and numerous published articles, the multi award-winning ‘Viva La Vulva’ campaign, which includes several Cannes Lions and a 2019 Clio Grand Prix, features a resonant soundtrack of Camille Yarbrough’s “Take Yo’ Praise”.

3. Apple iPhone 12 Pro, Make Movies Like The Movies

Production Company: Somesuch Films, Venice, California, USA

Apple’s encouragement to ‘make movies like the movies’ with their iPhone 12 Pro, was directed by filmmaker Kim Gehrig in collaboration Oscar-winning Director of Photography, Linus Andersen.

The entertaining montage demonstrates the iPhone 12 Pros, unique capability of offering an exciting opportunity to add cinematic dynamism, and inventive flair to homemade movies with filming, editing, and playing the results back in Dolby Vision.

The soundtrack features an original orchestral score by composer Danny Elfman, that was recorded at London’s famous Abbey Road studios.

4. Lurpak, ‘Softest’

Advertising Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, London, UK

‘The Champion of Good Food’ Lurpak’s,‘Softest’ commercial, directed by filmmaker Kim Gehrig, is a 40 second commercial gem.

Kim’s fluid, moving camera scenes for seamless, perfectly timed editing, is a very impressive filmic feat of masterful Lurpak taste appeal in constant motion that is highly watchable.

5. Lurpak, Where There Are Cooks

Advertising Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, London, UK

Directed by filmmaker Kim Gehrig, this classically styled and entertaining Lurpak commercial is about encouraging more home-cooked meals, and enjoying the satisfying rewards that are to be had for taking the initiative.

Renowned Swedish actor Mikael Persbrandt provides the motivational ‘voice-over’ and Framestore’s Picture Studios Head of Creative Colour, Simon Bourne, the painstaking, painterly crafted colour-grading of scenes to resemble 16th century masterpieces.

6. Honda HR-V, Stepping

Advertising Agency: Mcgarrybowen, London, UK

Directed by Kim Gehrig and filmed at London’s Wembley Arena, ‘Stepping’ pays homage to the Japanese art of precision choreography and synchronised marching.

The commercial is a demonstrably effective analogy of Honda’s focused, ‘team-stepping’ pursuit of engineering perfection.

To the sound of jungle musician and composer M-Beat’s 90’s hit ‘Incredible’ featuring English Ragamuffin music deejay General Levy, six weeks of preparatory rehearsals were required before perfecting the highly watchable feats of massed human discipline.

7. John Lewis, Man on The Moon

Advertising Agency: Adam&Eve/DDB, London, UK

The John Lewis store chain partnered with Age UK, in a public awareness campaign about the exacerbated feelings of loneliness many elderly people experience during the festive season.

Campaign Magazine named Kim Gehrig as ‘Director of The Year’ for her ‘Man on The Moon’ commercial. The emotive, metaphorical awakening of societal consciousness to not ‘lose sight’ of the isolation and familial exclusion of the elderly, is a call for warm-hearted, and much-needed remedial responses.

The soundtrack features the Oasis hit ‘Half the World Away‘ by Norwegian Singer/Songwriter, Aurora.

8. Nike, Dream Crazier

Advertising Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, Oregon, USA

Directed by Kim Gehrig and narrated by Serena Williams, ‘Dream Crazier’ pays tribute to female athletes who have broken barriers, brought people together through their celebratory performances, and inspired young athletes to chase after their dreams.

The commercial features scenes of noteworthy triumphs by some of the greatest female athletes in the world, and Serena’s motivating message is meaningfully amplified by her personal experiences and remarkable achievements.

“If we show emotion, we’re called dramatic. If we want to play against men, we’re nuts, delusional, unhinged, hysterical, and irrational.”

“So if they want to call you crazy, fine. Show them what crazy can do.”