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George Clooney and Nespresso’s Brand Persona

Leo Burnett: “Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind”.

A prime example of Leo Burnett’s simple truth, that in reality brands only exist in the minds of consumers, the suave portrayals in Nespresso commercials by renowned American actor and social responsibility activist, George Clooney, have elevated the image of multinational Nestlé company’s, coffee capsule products and coffee-machines, to a globally sought after brand of distinction, sophistication, and refined status.

He has been involved with Nespresso for more than ten years as the Swiss brand’s global ambassador, and sustainability advisory board member, in their commitment to improving the lives and futures of coffee plantation farmers.

The four featured commercials bear entertaining testimony to the ability revered public figures can have in influencing favourable consumer perceptions, and impressions, of a product’s brand identity profile.

1. Nespresso, What Else?

Advertising Agency: McCann, New York, USA

Production Company: Untitled Films, Toronto, Canada

The star of the long-running ‘What Else?’ Nespresso advertising campaign, actor George Clooney, teams up again with French actor and comedian, Jean Dujardin, for his latest commercial.

Directed by filmmaker Grant Heslov, the night-gown attired pair, are joined by Nespresso newcomer, French stage and film actress, Camille Cottin, in an entertaining scenario, that from the beginning to the end, is one big smile of enjoyment.

2. Nespresso, The Quest

Advertising Agency: McCann, New York, USA

Production Company: Untitled Films, Santa Monica, California, USA

The scenario for Nespresso’s ‘The Quest’ commercial, directed by filmmaker Grant Heslov, features unexpected cinematic scenes of surreal humour, that play out in a medieval castle, and in the streets of New York, to a resonant soundtrack of Peter Gabriel’s song, “Solsbury Hill”.

Famously known for her role as Queen Consort Margery Tyrell, in ‘The Game of Thrones’ fantasy-drama series, Natalie Dormer, takes to the Royal Throne again, in the entertaining ‘The Quest’ parody, starring George Clooney as her dragon-slaying, Knight in shining armour.

3. Nespresso, Training Day

Advertising Agency: McCann, New York, USA

Production Company: Untitled Films, Santa Monica, California, USA

The memorable Nespresso ‘Training Day’ scenario, directed by filmmaker Grant Heslov, stars George Clooney in an amusing training cession for Danny DeVito, in the art of social decorum and refined taste, of Nespresso’s ‘cup above-the-rest’ sophistication.

And at the end of the commercial, the person in the beaver suit, is surprisingly revealed as Swedish-American actress, Helena Matsson.

The soundtrack by audio post-production studio, Sound Lounge, New York, USA, features the American Isley Brothers musical group’s “Fight the Power”.

4. Nespresso, How Far?

Advertising Agency: McCann, Paris, France

Production Company: Moonwalk Films, Paris, France

Filmed on location at a villa on Lake Como, Italy, and directed by filmmaker Grant Heslov, George Clooney is joined by French actor Jean Dujardin, in an amusing scenario about gentlemanly one-upmanship, that with a big smile, poses the question of how far would you go for a cup of Nespresso?