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​Engaging Parking Assist Commercials

Automotive manufacturing parking assist innovations, have resulted in hundreds of precision parking commercials, with a tendency of being repetitively similar from one car marque to another.

There are however, notable commercials with inventive creative scenarios and executions, that in my view, are engagingly memorable.

1. MINI Cooper Parking Assist, Surgery

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Mexico City, Mexico

Production Company: Central Films, Mexico City, Mexico

I love the understated humour of the dramatised “Precision. Even when your mind is somewhere else”, selling proposition.

Directed by filmmaker Santiago Chaumont, the eavesdropping of a conversation between two surgeons, busy with an operation requiring focused precision, is superbly enacted and fun to view.

2. MINI Cooper Parking Assist, Air Traffic Controller

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Mexico City, Mexico

Production Company: Central Films, Mexico City, Mexico

Also superbly enacted with understated humour, and directed by filmmaker Santiago Chaumont, the memorable sequel commercial, “Precision. Even when your head is somewhere else”, involves eavesdropping on an air-traffic controller, confiding to a colleague that her husband Roberto is cheating on her, in the mist of issuing emergency landing instructions to an airliner.

3. BMW 7 Series, Parkacrobat

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/next Alster, Hamburg, Germany

Film Production Company: Markenfilm, Hamburg, Germany

The ‘Parkacrobat’ BMW 7 Series, remote control parking scenario, directed by filmmaker Kim Jacobsen, is a stylish and single-minded dramatisation, of a frustrating occurrence, every motorist is bound to have encountered.

4. VW Tiguan, Parking Assist Duel

Advertising Agency: DDB, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Production Company: Landia, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The VW Tiguan Park Assist ‘Duel’ scenario, directed by Argentine filmmaker Luciano Podcaminsky, is a fun, keenly observed and produced commercial of one-upmanship, in a ‘western-style’ stand-off.

5. VW Tiguan Trailer Parking Assist, Laughing Horses

Adverting Agency: Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg, Germany

Production Company: Czar, Berlin, Germany

The globally popular VW Trailer Assist ‘Laughing Horses’ commercial, directed by filmmaker Bart Timmer, is Volkswagen Germany’s most successful online commercial debut of all time motivating 40 million views, preceding its TV viewing flighting.

The highly amusing commercial garnered a bevy of advertising industry awards that included, The One Show, New York Festivals, Epica, Eurobest, D&AD, Clio, Lia, Cannes Lions, and ADCE.

6. Audi A8, Spider-Man Driver’s Test

Advertising Agency: Muhtayzik Hoffer, San Francisco, California, USA

Production Company: Caviar, Los Angeles, California, USA

Audi and Marvel Entertainment teamed up for the ‘Drivers’s Test’ commercial, as a pre-launch teaser of the ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ cinema release.

Directed by renowned comedic filmmaker Jody Hill, the commercial entertainingly highlights the Audi A8’s parking assist, and other unique selling features, starring actor Tom Holland, who plays the role of Peter Parker, aka the Spider-Man.