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Animal Attraction

When searching for creative inspiration the possible inclusion of an animal in the story line can be a worthwhile avenue to explore.

A study undertaken at The University of Texas at Austin titled; Advertising and The Cultural Meaning of Animals by Professor Barbara Phillip, comes to the conclusion that animals in commercials = smart advertising.

The study reveals that focusing on animals in commercials can be very effective in making an instant emotional connection that offers warm relationships and empathy internationally by surrounding a brand with associations that evoke many different emotions, all of which can impact positively on the viewer.

Here are some great examples:

1. Cadbury Milk Chocolate Gorilla

Advertising Agency: Fallon London.
Soundtrack: by Phil Collins

According to a Case Study by D&AD, Fallon’s aim was to make the communication feel as good as eating the product itself and their concept centered on establishing a new positioning for Cadbury as ‘producers of happiness’ by focusing on the benefit of their product. Many years later Coca-Cola adopted a similar approach with their ‘Open Happiness’ campaign.

The Cadbury’s Gorilla commercial took Britain by storm. After it’s TV launch six million YouTube viewers downloaded the film in two weeks.

2. Samsung Gear VR ‘Ostrich’

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Chicago. Soundtrack: Rocket Man by Elton John.

Many industry professionals regard this commercial as one of the best ever to be made for Samsung. I think it makes the selling-line of ‘Do What You Can’t’ come alive in a very memorable and entertaining way.

3. Samsung EcoBubble Washing Machine ‘Bear Surprise’

Advertising Agency: The Viral Factory, London

This is a highly entertaining commercial that has amassed well over ten million YouTube views and countless downloads.

4. Thinkbox ‘Harvey’

Advertising Agency: The Red Brick Road, London

Thinkbox is the marketing and research body for commercial TV broadcasts in the UK. ‘Harvey’ successfully became their much loved brand personality for several years until his recent retirement.

5. John Lewis ‘Buster the Boxer’

Advertising Agency: adam&eve DDB.
Soundtrack: One Day I’ll Fly Away by British Band ‘Vault’.

According to Campaign magazine, this John Lewis Christmas commercial was the most shared on social media in 2016 and the soundtrack topped the YouTube’s annual festive leaderboard globally.

6. Coca-Cola ‘Bobby’

Advertising Agency: FCB Johannesburg

This enjoyable and very watchable commercial was directed by Keith Rose of Velocity Films and shot in Cape Town over three days.

7. Budweiser ‘Puppy Love’

Advertising Agency: Anomaly U.S.A.

The long running story of Budweiser’s Clydesdales has become part of America’s cultural folklore. The Budweiser Beer coach, drawn by the huge and majestic Clydesdale horses, is known as a ‘hitch’.

Traditionally a ‘coach dog’ proudly accompanies the Hitch Drivers. Close bonds form between the dogs and Clydesdales and ‘Puppy Love’, directed by Jake Scott, is a story about that special relationship.

The commercial notched up 53.4 million views and was YouTube’s most watched commercial of 2014.

8. Kia Soul ‘A New Way to Roll’

Advertising Agency: David&Goliath Los Angeles

This was the first commercial to feature the Kia ‘Soul Hamsters’. It was also the start of a remarkable success story of what would become one of the longest running advertising campaigns in the history of Automotive Advertising.