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Commercials With The Malkovich Touch

American John Gavin Malkovich has appeared in more than 70 films and is regarded as one of the finest actors of his generation.

His formidable presence and onscreen charisma in commercials always adds that touch of magic professionalism that elevates a story line to memorable dramatisation and viewer engagement.

1. CBS Sports, Teasing John Malkovich

The commercial teaser for the NFL AFC Championship between the New England Patriots and Jacksonville Jaguars, was conceived by CBS Sports Creative Director Pete Radovich, and filmed on location at The New England Conservatory of Music in Boston by Director of Photography, Joyce Tsang.

The musicians in the commercial are all students at the Conservatory and were led by Famed Conductor Helmut VonLichten who composed an original piece of music for the soundtrack.

The Grand Clio, and Cannes Lion award winning Commercial, was released on CBS’s social media channels, including Twitter and Facebook, shortly before the championship game, and rapidly motivated 1.5 million views.

John Malkovich’s emotionally intelligent performance is a delight to behold. The entire production, from start to finish, took a mere 4 hours to film; an astonishing achievement.

The transcript of his powerful speech is well worth reading.

“It is an ancient story. From olden times.
It is the story of David versus Goliath.
The story of the mighty giant against the tiny underdog.
The story of the overwhelming favorite against the long shot, with absolutely no chance.
But the point is…
What does football teach us?
Anything in the world can happen on that field.
You always have a chance.
We absolutely know it in our bones!
Look at what Bortles, Fournette, and the Jaguars did only last weekend!
You say, ‘Yes, but now, it’s against the Patriots’
It’s different.
You are fighting a giant.
They don’t have one Goliath…
They are Two Goliaths!
Brady! Belichick!
The machine stomps on!
[cut in NFL footage]
This is the NFL’S David!
Versus the NFL’S Goliath!
For the right to play in the Super Bowl!
It’s that simple.”

Louis XIII Cognac 100 Years

Filmmaker and Director Robert Rodriguez and John Malkovich collaborated to make a commercial for Louis XIII Cognac that literally, no one will see for 100 years.

John Malkovich’s inspiration for his film script, stems from the 100 years of maturation that is required before the Louis XIII Cognac, made from wine grapes grown in the Grande Champagne territory of Cognac, France, becomes available for consumption.

And the unfortunate reality of this brand enterprise is, that the current cellar-masters will not be able to taste the fruits of their craftsmanship and neither will the cast and crew see the final results of their filmic efforts.

Few details of the plot are known other than it’s centered on Malkovich’s intriguing vision of the next 100 years, and that he plays the hero, Chinese actress Shuya Chang plays the heroine, and Chilean actor Marko Zaror plays the villain.

John Malkovich in an interview on IndieWire said that when the project was first presented to him, several options came to mind of what the future could be:

“An incredibly high tech, beyond computerized version of the world, a post-Chernobyl, back to nature, semi-collapsed civilization, and then there was a retro future which was how the future was imagined in science fiction of the 1940’s or 50’s.”

Three teaser videos were released without giving any hints of the story. They featured the same introductory scene, but with three different endings.

The final cut of the film has been placed in a vault, but which futuristic scenario was chosen, not even film Director Robert Rodriguez knows, and that will remain a mystery until November 18, 2115 when the vault will open automatically.

2. Louis XIII Cognac, 100 Years Teaser

3. Louis XIII Cognac, The Movie You’ll Never See Featurette

4. CanalPlay, Vampire

Advertising Agency: Buzzman, Paris, France

CanalPlay is a French video on demand Internet service. Directed by Bart Timmer, this cinematic commercial is brought to life by a stellar performance from John Malkovich as a vampire Bank Manager who seems to have overcome any problems of operating during daylight hours.


5. Nespresso, Piano

Advertising Agency: McCann, Paris, France.

Directed by Robert Rodriguez, the first commercial in the Swiss ‘Nespresso Heaven’ campaign, stars George Clooney and John Malvovich.

The role of the customer in the scenario is played by Italian actress and model Martina Panagio, the Barista by Miss Spain’s Helen Lindes, and the Angels by Charlotte Poutrel and Madilon Bos.

The International ‘Heaven Campaign’, with subtitles in several languages, amusingly involved three different, intriguing endings of the story that made for rewarding and sustained viewing.

6. Nespresso, Heaven Can’t Wait

Advertising Agency: McCann, Paris, France.

In this sequal commercial, also directed by Robert Rodriguez, John Malcovich has left heaven to masquerade as an ‘earthling’ Taxi Driver.

7. Squarespace, Who Is John Malkovich?

Advertising Agency: JohnXHannes, New York

Producer, film-director and award- winning actor, John Malkovich decided at the age of 63 to add another string to his bow and become a men’s fashion designer. He launched his personally designed and highly accomplished men’s clothing line online as a trading venture.

Directed by Miles Jay, the story of how he started and the difficulty he had of securing his website domain is engagingly told by Squarespace, a D.I.W. Website Building company.

The launch commercial earned the honour of winning the 2017 Emmy Award for Outstanding Commercial at the Creative Arts show in Los Angeles. Here is the commercial and the subsequent stories that chronicle John Malkovich’s journey.

8. Squarespace, Get Out Of My Domain

Advertising Agency: JohnXHannes, New York

9. Squarespace, The Next Move

Advertising Agency: JohnXHannes, New York