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Compelling Poster Innovation

The Digital Era ushered in opportunities for innovative developments in the traditional media of outdoor and indoor poster advertising.

Great advances of have been made in changing their static communication delivery to active mediums of consumer interest and viewer reward.

1. Apolosophy, Hair-Raising Subway Poster

Advertising Agency: Akestam Holst, Stockholm

Media Production: Stopp Family, Stockholm

This cleverly timed digital subway poster for Swedish Pharmacy Apotec’s new Apolosophy hair-care brand, is rewardingly effective.

2. Barncancerfonden, A Hair-Raising Message

Advertising Agency: Garbergs, Stockholm

Media Production: Adamsky, Stockholm

Barncancerfonden, the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation, was able to increase text message donations by 1,000% with their poster’s emotive message and clear call to action.

Public attention was greatly advanced by cleverly capitalising on the high consumer awareness of the preceding subway poster for Apotec’s Apolosophy hair care brand.

3. Anar Foundation, Only for Children

Advertising Agency: Grey, Spain

The Anar Foundation is a Spanish Child-Advocacy Organization. This outdoor poster used a lenticular printing method that reveals two different messages to viewers depending on their height. At child height, bruising on the young boy’s face appears with the message; “If somebody hurts you, phone us and we’ll help you.”

The viewpoint from the height of an adult reveals no bruising on the young boy’s face and a different message that reads; “Sometimes child abuse is only visible to the child suffering it”.

The poster is highly commendable for its creative insight into how different the perceptions and the realities are of the abuser and the abused.

4. Citibank and MasterCard, The Untouchables

Advertising Agency : Publicis, Russia

This creative initiative involved the collaboration of Citibank and MasterCard to help children who were born with epidermolysis bullosa. This rare and currently untreatable condition results in their skin being so fragile that even the slightest touch can cause immense pain.

The Bela Fund required financial assistance to support these ‘butterfly’ children and their families in their lifelong endeavour of having to deal with this difficult condition.

A series of posters were created that offered viewers a contactless payment method. Merely waving a bank-card in front of the poster resulted in 100 Roubles being instantly donated.

5. Samsung Gear S3, Poster Interaction

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Tel Aviv, Israel

The Samsung Gear S3 wristwatch appears to be merely a fashionably modern, analog timepiece. However, looks can be deceiving, as in reality it’s a super wrist computer with internet connecting capabilities.

The poster is cleverly designed to look like a conventional wristwatch advertisement, but then, by means of a live video feed, it becomes alive and interactive to reveal it’s about a ‘smart-watch’ that is anything but conventional.