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Cops and Robbers

For decades stories, both real and fictional, about cops, bank robbers, secret agents, assassins, the Mafia, and a variety of sleuths and villains, have had an endless and compelling fascination globally for crime novel readers, movie goers and TV viewing audiences.

The Good Guys, The Bad Guys, And The Good Bad Guys

For Art Directors and Copywriters opportunities abound for exploring compelling and entertaining crime genre scenarios, spy plots and parodies.

The result can be commercials that are entertainingly action-packed, dramatically exaggerated, and humorously tongue-in-cheek for a wide range of brands. Comedy is a very effective way of making a quick connection with an audience, besides which, neuropsychological studies have found that humour causes experiences of positive emotions that create a ‘virtuous circle effect that enhances wellbeing’.

1. Kit-Kat Car Chase with a Break

Advertising Agency: JWT, London

Directed by Ron Scapello, this entertaining parody of a typical London police-car chase, the bad guys and the good guys are having a ball racing across the city.

2. Carlton Draught Beer Chase

Advertising Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne

This is a humorous spoof of a typical Hollywood, L.A. cops chase scene superbly directed by Steve Ayson.

3. Smart Car Epic Chase

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Berlin

This enjoyable commercial, directed by the Perlorian Brothers, is a cleverly crafted parody of the movie industry’s love of slow-motion scenes of police car chases and crashes.

4. Act II Popcorn, Not Just For Movies Anymore

Advertising Agency: Grey Africa/Volcano, Johannesburg

The commercial, directed by Slim of Egg Films, for microwave popcorn Act II’s launch of ‘Ready To Eat Popcorn, is a fun parody of a Hollywood style rooftop chase by some bad guys.

5. Trident White, The Sniper

Advertising Agency: JWT, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Directed by Luis Gerard, this short film is a superbly produced story and clever parody of movie sub-tiles.