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Delivering The Goods With a ‘Brand’ Smile

In dramatising selling propositions of service providing brands, advertising agencies often deliver hyperbolic film scenarios that with a suspension of belief and a broad smile, motivates viewers to memorable effect.

1. U Shops, The Goldfish

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Paris, France

‘U Shops’ is part of the French, Système U co-operative, of retail services.

Directed by filmmaker Romain Chassaing with a superb performance from his central character, the cinematic scenario is a highly entertaining dramatisation of the lengths U Shops’ employees will go to in ensuring that they deliver what they promised.

2. DHL, No Time to Die

Since Casino Royale, DHL have been responsible for the transport and logistics solutions related to the production of the James Bond film series.

For the 25th 007-sequel ‘No Time To Die’, DHL transported the film and stunt equipment from Pinewood Studios in London, to Jamaica, and then to Matera in Southern Italy. From Aston Martins to key props, everything was delivered on time.

Directed by ‘No Time To Die’ cinematographer Linus Sandgren, with 007stunt driver Ben Collins behind the wheel of the Aston Martin DB5, the scenario involves a DHL courier delivering a package to James Bond and encountering a dramatic car chase through the streets of Shanghai.

3. Briteside, Home Delivery Cannabis Service

Advertising Agency: Sandwich, Los Angeles, California, USA

Based on countless, formula driven pharmaceutical commercials, the entertaining Briteside parody, with a great voice-over by Laila Berzins, was directed and produced by Sandwich Agency’s Video Production Studio.

It would seem that Oregon, USA, is a great state to be in. In compliance with state and local rules, Briteside can deliver premium ‘medicinal’ cannabis to home doorsteps in no less than 90 minutes.

4. Das Handwerk Home Service, Happy End

Advertising Agency: Heimat, Berlin, Germany

The ‘Happy End’ commercial for the German Federation of Craftsmen, Das Handwerk, directed by multi award-winning filmmaker Tore Frandsen, is a cinematic parody of a modern-day Western.

The dramatic scenario of a challenging standoff between a ‘kick-ass’ plumber, and a ‘bad-ass’ boiler, makes for highly enjoyable viewing.

5. Walmart Online, Grocery Pickup Service

Advertising Agency: Publicis Groupe, Department W, New York, USA

Directed by filmmaker Wayne McClammy, Walmart’s national launch of their online Grocery Pickup service, features a range of iconic vehicles from famous films to a soundtrack of Gary Newman’s “Cars”.

Aired during the 2020 Golden Globe Awards on NBC, the lighthearted commercial was a great hit with viewers and motivated 6 million online views within 48 hours.

6. Hyundai Genesis, Limo-Service Troublemaker

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Neckar, Stuttgart, Germany

Directed by filmmaker Wayne McClammy, this amusing scenario features a Hyundai Genesis driver picking up a glamorous celebrity and her wannabe alpha-male, very spoilt pooch, at a country mansion.

On the way to delivering his passengers to a red-carpet event, a tussle ensues between the driver and the cocky little canine. Their clash of wills however, ends with a smile and is rewardingly watchable.

7. Suzuki Kizashi, Husky Delivery

Advertising Agency: Siltanen & Partners, Los Angeles, USA

Filmed in Canada, on Alberta’s frozen Spray Lake, and superbly directed by filmmaker Jim Zoolalian with a backdrop of panoramic arctic landscapes, the amusing scenario plays out to a great soundtrack by Curtis James Jackson, the famed American rapper, songwriter, and actor, known as 50 Cent.

The plot twist of the commercial with its ‘groovy’ huskies exudes charm and is delightful to view.