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The Erudite Insights of Bob Hoffman

Advertising Guru, author, internationally renound guest speaker and erudite Ad Contrarion blogger Bob Hoffman, cuts through advertising and marketing hype with razor sharp incisiveness.

I highly recommend all students and advertising communication practitioners to read his Ad Contrarian blog.

He doesn’t pull any punches but always backs up his controversial views with arguments that are convincing, compelling and provide much food for thought.

I personally find his revelations stimulates my critical thinking and makes me think carefully about the validity of the information contained in my website.

Here are a few insightful quotes from his blog that are my favourites.

“Good ads appeal to us as consumers. Great ads appeal to us as humans.”

“If the message is right, who cares what screen people see it on? If the message is wrong, what difference does it make?”

“The idea that the same consumer who was frantically clicking her TV remote to escape from advertising was going to merrily click her mouse to interact with it is going to go down as one of the great advertising delusions of all time.”

“We don’t get them to try our product by convincing them to love our brand. We get them to love our brand by convincing them to try our product.”