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Facing Up To The Reality Of The Adblocker Challenge

Currently 25% of all Internet users use ‘Adblockers’ and 309 million people are blocking advertising content on the mobile web and have clearly taken the very conscious step of ‘disengaging’ from so-called ‘brand content’.

I’m not sure that everyone involved in Advertising Communication realises the gravity of the situation and consequently are not always taking the rapidly evolving ‘Adblock’ trend seriously enough.

As various commentators have pointed out, this is the largest boycott of anything in the history of humanity. It is a major consumer backlash globally ageist the tedium of intrusive, irrelevant advertising.

It is blatantly obvious that the only possible remedy is insightful creativity that people willingly embrace rather than purposefully reject.

10 Advertising Agency in Belgium and their client Gordon Beer, however boldly faced up the Ad blocker onslaught by 32% of the Belgium population, and in a strategically daring counter maneuver launched a downloadable ‘adblock’ created exclusively for their own commercials.

This brave creative response cleverly became a positive promotion for their selling line of ‘Gordon, Nothing To Prove’.

Gordon Beer, Nothing To Prove

Advertising Agency: 10 Advertising, Belgium