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Hornbach & Heimat’s DIY Inspirations

For more than a decade Hornbach and Advertising Agency Heimat Berlin, have consistently produced commercials that defy convention.

With bizarrely entertaining scenarios, they have carved a very effective, and unique brand identity for Hornbach, the German DIY home improvement goods retailer, that operates a chain of 161 DIY megastores with garden centres, and online store services, in nine European countries.

The featured commercials are but a small sample of Hornbach & Heimat’s many brand communication initiatives of distinctive impact.

1. Hornbach, Rubbish Bin

Advertising Agency: Heimat, Berlin, Germany

Directed by filmmaker Carl Erik Rinsch, the scenario centres on a man desperately searching for something that sets him off an epic journey.

The mystery of what it is that motivated his determined search is amusingly solved at the end with the message; “The Hornbach Spring Collection. Designed by your projects”.

2. Hornbach, Change

Heimat, Berlin, Germany

Directed by Spanish filmmaker Pep Bosch, the scenario about a ‘nut’ that changed the life of villagers is bizarrely funny.

From being strictly ‘hands-off’ they become fervently ‘hands-on’ and some get completely carried away with ‘hands-on’ enthusiasm with entertaining results.

3. Hornbach, Impossible

Advertising Agency; Heimat, Berlin, Germany

Directed by filmmaker Tom Kuntz, Heimat’s inventive scenario centres on a DIY enthusiast who feels cut down in size by the giant home improvement project he has taken on.

The metaphorical depiction of the colossal challenges he manages to overcome, with much sweat and determined effort, are masterfully portrayed and make for enjoyable viewing.

4. Hornbach, The Morning Belongs To Us

Advertising Agency: Heimat, Berlin, Germany

Directed by Canadian filmmaker Stuart A. McIntyre, Heimat’s insightful scenario of ‘The Morning Belongs To Us’, is an unexpected, poetic, and contemplative change of pace for Hornbach.

The dawn of each new day for DIY enthusiasts, offers a respite from a stressful and restless world of daily living, in haven of calm and serenity, and the quiet, inner-satisfaction of self-accomplished home improvements.

Winner of One Show, ADC, and Cresta advertising award accolades for outstanding directing and film crafts, the commercial’s soundtrack features an original composition by Walker Music, performed by ‘Young New Yorkers’ Chorus’, and conducted by Artistic Director, Alex Canovas.

5. Hornbach, It Can’t Be Bad

Advertising Agency: Heimat, Berlin, Germany

Directed by filmmaker Tony Peterson, Heimat’s ‘It Cant Be Bad’ scenario, takes the unprecedented approach of depicting DIY imperfections.

The commercial’s motivational message is, that DIY undertakings are seldom going to be perfect, but regardless of any mistakes made, the pride of self-effort is to be savoured.

6. Hornbach, Regret Nothing

Advertising Agency: Heimat, Berlin, Germany

Directed by filmmaker Andreas Nilsson, the scenic Hornbach ‘Regret Nothing’ commercial, features a young boy cycling along a country lane to view his father’s DIY progress in constructing a new dwelling.

One mistake unfortunately, causes the embryonic structure to come tumbling down. But although bruised and battered by the incident, his Dad’s DIY enthusiasm remains undiminished. Mistakes made are lessons learnt. Regret nothing.

Film accolades include a Silver Epica Award for TV/Cinema Retail Services, and a Gold TV/Cinema Epica Award for Professional Products & Services.

7. Hornbach, You’re Alive

Advertising Agency: Heimat, Belin, Germany

The cinematic, One Show and Clio awards winner ‘Your Alive’ commercial, was masterfully directed by filmmaker Tom Noakes.

The scenario centres on a man who is so enthused about feeling like a son of the soil when working in his garden, that he gets carried away in a bizarre fantasy of naked adventure. His wild imaginings are epically depicted, and dramatically amusing to view.

8. Hornbach, House of Conflict

Advertising Agency: Heimat, Berlin, Germany

Directed by Spanish filmmaker Pep Bosch, Hornbach’s ‘House of Conflict’ commercial, is a social statement about the folly of people from diverse backgrounds and creeds, coming together for a mutual undertaking, without consulting one another.

When the left hand, does not know what the right hand is doing, due to the absence of communication between participators, whatever they construct, will inevitably collapse like a house of cards.

Accepting defeat however, is not the answer. It is about picking up the pieces and starting again with informed hindsight of how do it better next time. As Hornbach’s often quoted line states; “There’s always a job to be done”.

9. Hornbach, Goth Girl

Advertising Agency: Heimat, Berlin, Germany

Directed by Spanish filmmaker Pep Bosch, Heimat’s emphatic scenario is about ‘actions speaking louder than words’, and involves a father and his selfless devotion to his Gothic daughter.

Being an adherent of a Gothic sub-culture lifestyle, that rejects mass media influences, popular fashions, and promoted conformity ideals, means that his daughter is regarded as ‘weird’, and like most Goths, becomes a social outsider.

To create a powerful statement of a father’s deep love for all to see, he undertakes a DIY project to express his devotion of his brave daughter, and his unwavering support of her principled beliefs.