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HP’s The Wolf and The Trust Deficit

We are living in a time of an unprecedented global trust deficit. A lexicon of modern day descriptors that confront us on a daily basis, continuously fuels our growing mistrust consciousness.

Spin-doctoring, fake news, cyber hacking, online fraud, ‘Ponzi schemes’, ‘Wikileaks’, data theft, identity theft, and social media propagandist manipulation are all familiar themes to us.

Moreover, the increasing cyber space security breaches of confidential business transactions are a major concern of critical importance globally.

HP Business Printers and Online Security

Business printers are generally considered to be devoid of any online safety risks for companies. Hewlett-Packard however, aims to change that misplaced perception with factual realities.

It does however, beg the question whether this a real threat or merely a case of cashing in on the prevailing global trust deficit?

But as Vikrant Batra, global head of marketing for imaging and printing at HP pointed out; “Cyberattacks on enterprises across the world are increasing but less than 20% of IT managers look at printers as a potential security hazard”.

The reality though as she notes is that; “There have been several hacks in companies where folks have gotten in through the printer.”

Companies more than ever it seems, need trustworthy printers and if anyone still doubts that claim, ‘The Wolf’ will more than likely, persuade them about its validity.

1. HP Business Printers, The Wolf

Advertising Agency: Giant Spoon, USA

Directed by Lance Accord the commercial stars actor Christian Slater as ‘The Wolf’, who reprises his role of ‘Mr. Robot’ in the popular, multi-award winning American drama-thriller television series of the same name created by Sam Esmail.

HP’s ‘The Wolf’ is the first commercial in a global campaign targeting IT decision makers and company information security managers.

For such a niche target audience, it is a uniquely broad communication approach of an online series of mini-movies consisting of cautionary tales.

But pressure from informed company employees, all of whom probably use printers, can have a considerable impact on managerial decisions that makes the broad reach of the commercial series an inspired creative strategy.

The Wolf’s story is persuasive as he unpacks how he is able to hack unprotected printers with his cell phone and easily access sensitive information with the potential of causing complete chaos and system failures.

2. HP Business Printers, The Wolf, The Hunt Continues

In this rather sinister story ‘The Wolf’ demonstrates with chilling persuasiveness how easily he is able to hack a hospital’s records and access data to even change medication dosage prescriptions.

3. HP Business Printers, The Wolf, True Alpha

In this latest commercial director Lance Acord advances the previous cautionary tales to a superb, cinematic 20-minute, international techno thriller of hacking computer systems and data theft.

Once again Christian Slater as ‘The Wolf’ in this online mini-movie is compellingly persuasive and well worth the 20 minutes of watching.