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Jules Verne, a Giant Squid, and Black Rum

Renowned Storyteller

Jules Verne, the famous French author, is often referred to as the “Father of Science Fiction”. His novels have been inspirational references for compelling viewing in the film industry since the invention of the moving or motion picture by the Lumière brothers in France in 1895.

Verne’s famous ‘20,000 Leagues Under The Sea’, published in 1870, tells the tale of Captain Nemo who roams the ocean in his submarine the ‘Nautilus’ to wage a war against suppression and injustice.

On one of the voyages a giant squid attacks the Nautilus and the crew have to engage in desperate battles to fend off the monster.

In Norwegian folklore the legendary sea monster is known as the ‘KRAKEN’. It was brought to the imaginative attention of a global audience in 1954 with the movie version of Verne’s novel that won 2 Oscars.

Launching a Black Spiced Rum with a Legendary Tale

The Kraken, the most fearsome of all sea monsters, lives up to 3,000 feet below the ocean surface. This dreaded behemoth has been known to attack ships, dragging god-fearing seamen to their deaths.

The largest shipment of Caribbean Black Spiced Rum was reportedly brought down by the Kraken. The rum was named thusly, as to being as dark, strong and mysterious as the ink of the beast.

Launching a new alcohol brand successfully in a crowded and highly competitive market category is a daunting challenge.

Advertising Agency ‘Dead As We Know It’ however, with a meticulously planned and painstakingly crafted campaign launched in 2010, achieved a new brand breakthrough with lauded success.

The agency created a powerful and distinctive brand Identity and character that gave Kraken Black Spiced Rum a competitive edge with its compelling graphics and legendary stories.

A Remarkable Integration of Holistic Design

The brand identity starts with the distinctive packaging design inspired by the shape of a victorian rum bottle.

It was not designed as a separate entity to appear as a packshot at the end of whatever advertising concept would follow. The packaging was part and parcel of a planed concept and central to the visual identity of the brand communication platform and consistency of character for all integrated media.

The Kraken Black Spiced Rum

Advertising Agency: Dead As We Know It, New York, USA

Graphic Designer/ Creative Director: Charmaine Choy

Illustrator: Steve Nobel

1. The Kraken, The Bottle, The Legend, The Rum

2. The Kraken, Existence


3. The Kraken Chapter 1. Anatomy



4. The Kraken Chapter 2. Ink




5. The Kraken Chapter 3. Myth





6. The Kraken, Survival App

7. The Kraken, Wall Mural Brooklyn, NY