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Literary Inspiration Part 2

Fables, Familiarity and Resonance

Consciousness of our cultural heritage, and our understanding of the world we live in, are informed and nurtured by stories that we can relate to. The fables and nursery rhymes that we grew up with play an important role in our discovery of the societal values that we share and our intellectual development.

When given a fresh twist or unexpected connection, fables and nursery rhymes offer an opportunity for Art Directors and Copywriters to explore ideas that resonate with persuasive memorability and metaphorical meaning for viewers.

The Humpty Dumpty Fable.

The well known English nursery rhyme character, has been refered to in a large number of works of literature and popular culture. He came to the attention of an expanding reading public through the hugely popular Lewis Carol book, ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’, translated into 65 languages, and in which Humpty Dumpty is depicted as a round egg.

Humpty Dumpty TurboTax Parodies

Advertising Agency: Wieden+ Kennedy, Portland U.S.A

Humpty Dumpty is aided in ‘picking up the pieces’ after his great fall and ensuing hospitalisation recovery in these entertaining and meticulously crafted commercials directed by Film Director Ivan Zacharias.


1. TurboTax, The Great Fall

2. Turbo Tax, The Recovery


The Three Little Pigs Story

This popular fable is arguably best known in the version that was published in ‘English Fairy Tales’ by Joseph Jacobs. The various morals that have been drawn from the story have become imbedded in Western culture.

The Guardian’s Open Journalism ‘The Three Little Pigs’

Advertising Agency: BBH (Bartle Bogle Hegarty London)

Directed by Ringan Ledwidge, this Cannes Gold Lion commercial is superbly crafted and is imaginative storytelling at its best and most powerful.