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Men Buy Colognes, Women Buy Harley-Davidsons

The changing landscape of gender based marketing segmentation presents challenges and opportunities for advertisers on product development strategies, brand diversifications, communication and consumer targeting.

The luxury and retail markets for men’s colognes and grooming products is booming globally. Euromonitor’s projection is that it will reach 60.7 billion US dollars by 2020.

Established Haute Couture design houses such as Chanel, Dior and Armani, are experiencing significant growth in their brand diversifications of men’s fragrances.

Harley-Davidson for Women

The iconic Harley-Davidson brand image for decades has been of the stereotypical male antihero, outlaw or rebel popularised in Hollywood movies.

In 2014 Harley-Davidson decided to transcend this iconic cliché with the launch of the Street 500 and Street 750. Specifically designed for women, they were the company’s first new models in 13 years.

The launch was motivated by a 30 per cent rise in female purchases over the past decade in the US alone. One out of every ten Harley’s in America is now owned by a woman. Moreover, a significant increase in sales to women are being experienced globally as well as fashionably designed Harley branded riding gear.

Women and Cars

The automotive industry is another market segment experiencing a continuing evolutionary shift of focus on gender based targeting and brand communication

Global statics indicate that female ownership of automotives will soon surpass that of males. Women already make up 60% of the global driver population with one third of them driving SUV’s.

The recent emancipation of female drivers in Saudi Arabia will no doubt contribute to that figure rising even further. Recent US surveys on car sales projections also revealed that new purchases of electric are far more likely to be women than men.

1. Honda Civic, Up

Advertising Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, London

Directed by Pedro Martin-Calero the commercial stars Imogen Horrocks, a real-life rock climber and member of Team Great Britain.

She undertakes a hazardous climb on a cliff face that resembles the shape of the Civic, and is meant to represent the engineering challenges involved in the remodeling of this popular Honda model.

2. Nissan, She Drives

Advertising Agency: TBWA/RAAD, Dubai

In support of Saudi Arabia’s historic decision to grant women driver’s licenses, Nissan launched an integrated advertising campaign offering a number of young women free driving lessons.

A big surprise was in store for these first timers when they discovered who their driving instructors would be.

The #SheDrives campaign won 3 Gold, a Silver and 2 Bronze Dubai Lynx Awards, and took home the Interactive and Social Purpose Grand Prix.

3. Audi, Ever After

Advertising Agency: Proximity, Barcelona, Spain

Animation Studio: post23, Barcelona, Spain

Michèle Mouton, an Audi driver, in 1981 at the age of 30, became the first woman to win a World Rally Championship.

She recalled that because she was the youngest contestant, the only woman taking part and it was her first participation in the World Rally Championship, nobody expected her to win.

Audi Spain last year paid tribute to her with a live action and animated short film by Film Director Fernando Trullois and Animation Director Jordi García.

The narrative of the film is a Disney influenced fairy tale but with a twist. Michèle described it as the story of her life. It appeared on Audi Spain’s YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter Instagram, Movistar and in over 90 Spanish cinemas.

Smartphone Dominance

Currently women outrank men on Smartphone ownership and user frequency. Marketing forecasters predict that it is a growing market trend that will see more commercials focused on targeting women.

4. Huawei P20 Pro, See More

Advertising Agency: LH/TBWA, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Directed by Eli Sverdiov, this visually breathtaking and fashionably stylish commercial features Gal Gordot. The ‘Wonder Woman’ actress brings magical images to life with her Huawei smartphone’s built-in, Leica camera.

Apple Appeal

The notion that women are far less interested in digital technology and mobile devices than men are, has been turned on its head by Apple as wildly assumptive gender stereotyping that is inaccurate. They are the first technological company to experience a higher degree of brand kinship with women than men.

It is probably not surprising therefore, that they choose women as their primary target market to launch their Apple HomePod.

5. Apple HomePod, Welcome Home

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab, USA.

Directed by Oscar award winner Spike Jonze this engaging short film stars English musician and dancer FKA Twigs. The commercial rapidly dominated social media channels and 5 million YouTube downloads were recorded in the first week of its release.

6. Apple HomePod, The Making of Welcome Home

Directed by Danilo Parra, this is a fascinating expose of how the commercial was meticulously planned, choreographed, the amazing sets and lighting effects were designed and the music effectively integrated.

The ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at all the creative disciplines involved in the production of the successful end product is over 6 minutes long, but makes for very rewarding viewing.