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Mint Advertising Ideas

As an advertising theme, mint flavoured lozenges, candy and chewing gum products, have been enduring motivational catalysts for some entertaining brand communication ideas in a tablet confectionery segment, that has seen a steady, year-on-year, market expansion globally.

Allied Market Research reports that the global confectionery market is on track to reach $232,085 Million by 2022, of which mint, and mint flavoured derivatives such as peppermint, spearmint and menthol, will be major players of exponential growth.

1. Fisherman’s Friend, Flyboard Fishing

Advertising Agency: Walker AG, Zurich, Switzerland

Directed by Axel Laubscher, ‘Flyboard Fishing’ stars Pro Hydroflight athlete Lindsay McQueen, who with the help of his fisherman friend, performs an amusing dramatisation of breath strength with his ‘flyboard fishing’ escapade.

2. Trident White, The Sniper

Advertising Agency: JWT, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Directed by Luis Gerard, this short film for Trident White Chewing Gum is a superbly produced commercial with a compelling story involving a clever parody of movie sub-tiles that makes for entertaining viewing.

3. Mentos Mints, Wi-Fi

Advertising Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH), Shanghai, China

The ‘Wi-Fi’ commercial consists of a social experiment that was captured by 5 strategically hidden cameras, in a popular Kuala Lumpur café.

Directed by Matthew Pollock, the reactive experimental venture, formed part of the Mentos Brand Communication strategy of helping people to rewardingly connect with strangers in real life.

‘Candid camera’ footage of the spontaneous reactions by café patrons having to earn their W-Fi access codes, were edited for an integrated communications campaign to promote the brand across Asia in markets that included Indonesia, The Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore.

4. Eclipse Mints, Share a Little More

Advertising Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Sydney, Australia

Directed by Jeff Low, the commercial is about inspiring people to reveal their true selves and create opportunities for making real contact and rewarding connections.

The creative visual metaphor of two people hiding behind Emoji Masks that some may find a little bit ‘creepy’, is nevertheless, highly entertaining. The single-minded idea that underscores the brand’s social exhortation is effectively memorable.

The soundtrack features the song “Baby Where You Are” by Ted Lucas.

5. Mentos Emojis, A Better Way To Say Hello

Advertising Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH), London, UK

The integrated ‘Making Fresh Connections’ campaign centers on a limited edition of Mentos offerings imprinted with emojis that represent 34 different fun challenges for better ways to say “hello”.

Directed by Matthew Pollock, the superbly edited ‘candid camera’ footage of this innovative idea about greeting someone with a “hello” that’s difficult to ignore, makes the campaign equally difficult to ignore for its rewarding integration of promotional emojis and brand communication.

6. Trebor Mint Confectioners, Give Me Strength

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, London, UK

Director Andy McLeod’s comedic flair comes to the fore in this metaphorically exaggerated visual campaign of the expression of exasperation: “give me strength!”

The filmic commercial dramatisations are a joy ride for viewers as they amusingly witness a series of joyless experiences by people who will need all the ‘strength’ they can get to counter their misfortunes.

7. Mentos Gum, Turncoat

Advertising Agency: BBH (Bartle Bogle Hegarty), London

Andy McLeod directed this well-crafted, highly amusing parody of a standoff between Intergalactic Alliance forces.

The visually driven story that features a trooper changing sides makes for rewarding viewing.

8. Tic-Tac Brand Activation, Worst Breath In The World

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Paris

This is my all-time favourite Brand Activation. It was a meticulously planned outdoor, one-off promotion, using live flash-mobs, aided by giant screens showing people falling over, and the entire event, staged in the French city of Rouen, was captured on film by hidden cameras.

The film footage was edited for a commercial to be flighted on the Internet and the weekend that ‘worst breath in the world’ was launched, it clocked up 200,000 views and caused an online sensation when it rapidly went viral globally.

9. Mentos Long Lasting Gum, Never Surrender

Advertising Agency: McKinney, Durham, USA

This amusing parody featuring King Richard III of England also known as ‘Richard the Lionheart’ because of his reputation as a great military leader and warrior, is a very watchable commercial

Steve Bendelack’s skillful direction elicited great performances by the cast and I love the attention given to historically accurate costume details.

10. Mentos NOWmints, Tiny Fresh Things

Advertising Agency: BBH (Bartle Bogle Hegarty), London, UK

BBH creative team Shelley Smoler and Raphael Basckin, must have had great fun coming up with this ‘Tiny Fresh Things’ scenario.

Directed by Benji Weinstein, this highly memorable commercial is absurdly funny, even after a second and third viewing.

11. Wrigley’s Extra Gum, The Story of Sarah and Juan

Advertising Agency: Energy BBDO, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Directed by Pete Riski, this engaging love story is still being watched several years after it was released on YouTube and has surpassed the last recorded tally of 22 million viewers.

Many viewers claim to have watched the commercial multiple times and each time it brought tears to their eyes.

The soundtrack features a stirring new rendition of Elvis Presley’s ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ sung by Haley Reinhart.

The commercial won a Gold Clio Award for use of music in a short film, and a singles release of the soundtrack went to gold in 2017