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Motivational TV & Movie Channel Advertising

I find that advertising communication campaigns and commercials for TV, Live Streaming and Movie Channel providers, are some of my more enjoyable advertising viewing experiences.

It’s a highly competitive entertainment sector that becomes more expansive and far reaching by the day. And that probably accounts for the progressive marketing incentives and creative stimuli that result in so many motivational scenarios with great production values.

1. O2 Network England Rugby, Be Their Armour

Advertising Agency: VCCP, London, UK

O2 is the second-largest mobile network operator in the United Kingdom, headquartered in Slough, and owned by the telecommunications services provider Telefónica UK Limited.

Superbly directed by Sam Brown, the Samurai inspired commercial for England’s first match in The Rugby World Cup in Japan, is a call by O2, the squad’s long time shirt sponsers, for supporters to rally behind England’s ‘rugby warriors’, and ‘Wear The Rose’.

2. Channel 4 London, UK, Complaints Are Welcome

Created and produced in-house, the commercial is a candid and humorous admission by Channel 4, that it’s not possible to be all things to all people. Some programmes understandably, and even certain presenters, will not be universally liked by everyone.

But they say; “If we can use humour to disarm some of the negativity of the complaint, and respectfully listen to each other’s arguments, then we can unpack those complaints and get into a healthy, open discussion”.

3. CANAL Plus, Football Voodoo Dolls

Advertising Agency: BETC, Paris, France

The French, Premium Pay-TV Channel, Launched their ‘Voodoo Dolls’ Campaign ahead of the 2018 ‘Le Classico’ football game between Olympique de Marseille, and Paris Saint-Germain FC, to be broadcast live, exclusively on CANAL Plus.

The amusing, tongue-in cheek suggestion to football fans was that maybe ‘voodoo’ was behind all those mysterious missed goals in the lead up games to ‘Le Classico’.

The commercial was directed by Stephen Cafiero, and a dedicated website was established for football supporters to be able to ‘influence’ the match outcome by sticking pins into voodoo dolls.

The campaign rapidly motivated a fun social media game between club team supporters to see which side’s dolls received the most pins, and before the game kicked off, 3 million voodoo dolls had already been digitally pinned.

4. Netflix Dish Network, Movie Night

To promote the ‘Dish Network’ as the first Pay-TV provider in the US to provide Netflix movie streaming through its DVR, this short film by Juddy Tait is a charming story about a student’s social interaction endeavours in a college dorm.

5. Cox Digital TV, Epic Battle

Advertising Agency: FCB, Chicago, USA

‘Cox Communications’ is an American cable television company that provides a multichannel digital video service.

Paul Middleditch used his trademark skill in directing humorous scenarios to laudable cinematic effect in this commercial that makes for very rewarding viewing.

6. Spectrum Cable Services, Monster Train

Advertising Agency: Something Different, New York, USA

Charter Communication’s Spectrum is a Cable TV, High Speed Internet and Home Phone provider, headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, USA.

Directed by David Shane, ‘Monster Train’ is one of a series of amusing commercials featuring a cast of monsters. A mad scientist, The Grim Reaper, a Werewolf and the Mummy.

This time the iconic characters are filmed in conversation during a train journey. Between other gripes, they complain about ‘evil satellite dishes’ that cut out in heavy rain.

7. Amazon Prime, The Hairdresser

Advertising Agency: Droga5, London, UK

The ‘Marvelous Mrs Maisel’ commercial, directed by Steve Rodgers, is part of Amazon Prime’s TV and online campaign series, ‘Great Shows Stay With You’.

The charming story of a Hairdresser that is a ‘Mrs Maisel’ devotee, for me is an insightful idea of the human truth that ‘Great Shows’ often result in engaging social media ‘shares’ and discussions and even become popular analogies at times for describing topical issues.

The ‘Game of Thrones’ series for example, has become an oft-quoted analogy in press headlines and editorials by political commentators.

8. AT&T Warner Entertainment, Shot

Advertising Agency: BBDO, New York, USA

Steve Rogers directed this rewardingly watchable commercial with a surprise twist in the end for telecommunications company AT&T’s Warner Media Entertainment.

9. AT&T Warner Entertainment, The Train

Advertising Agency: BBDO, New York, USA

Dougal Wilson’s superb direction combines live action and animation in a surprising ending for this very watchable Western that very effectively communicates the commercial’s consumer promise.

10. TV2 Denmark, All That We Share

Advertising Agency: &Co. (Part of The North Alliance of Nordic Agencies)

The original Danish version of this heartwarming 3 minute long commercial by TV2 was viewed 5.4 million times in its first week, roughly equivalent to every single person in Denmark having seen the film.

The release of the English-language version gained over 3 million additional views on YouTube in just two weeks.

When Danish photographer and activist Nima Y. shared the commercial on Facebook, a further 17 million views were motivated in a matter of a few days.

“All That We Share” shows that it is message of global relevance and topical interest that we all need to hear at a time when the moral cohesiveness of societies everywhere are under much stress.

11. TV2 Denmark, All That We Share, Connected

Advertising Agency: &Co. (Part of The North Alliance of Nordic Agencies)

Part 2 of ‘All That We Share’ is an equally compelling social experiment about those happy and fortunate events in our lives that connect us to other people for the better.