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My Favourite Ian Pons Jewell Commercials

ACES Favourites: This is another addition the globally popular ACES series, of featuring commercial filmmakers and directors, that I admire for their skills, in bringing creative concepts, and storylines to enthralling life.

Ian Pons Jewell

Born on Minorca, in Spain’s Mediterranean Balearic Islands, English-Spanish filmmaker and director, of music videos, commercials, and short films, Ian Pons Jewell, is widely regarded as one of today’s most visionary filmmakers.

His multilayered imagery, juxtaposed with creative surrealism, has become his unique, and uncompromising film-crafting hallmark.

1. Diamond Producers Association, The Diamond Journey

Advertising Agency: BBH, London, UK

Production Company: Academy Films, London, UK

Post Production and VFX Studio: Time Based Arts, London, UK

DPA’s integrated advertising campaign, “Real is Rare, Real is a Diamond”, is spearheaded by a short-film, that epically depicts the three-billion-year ‘journey’ of a diamond’s formation.

Written and directed by filmmaker Ian Pons Jewell, the scenario, that encompasses imagery of a volcanic eruption that creates a diamond, discovered in a cave, to chronicling the mystical allure of real diamonds, throughout history, as powerful symbols of adoration and devotion, is spectacularly impressive.

‘The Diamond Journey’ soundtrack music, is by English composer, record producer, audio engineer, and Oscar winning musician, Atticus Ross.

2. Three Mobile Network, Phones Are Good

Advertising Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, London, UK

Production Company: Friend, London, UK 

Service Production Company: Radioaktive Film, Kyiv, Ukraine

Post Production and VFX Studio: Time Based Arts, London, UK

Three’s ‘Phones Are Good’, integrated communication campaign, boldly addresses the controversial media views of mobile phones being societally damaging, and wrecking mental health, by humorously reimagines how much better circumstances would have been, if mobile phones had been available at pivotal moments throughout history.

Directed by filmmaker Ian Pons Jewell, and filmed in Kyiv, Ukraine, the imaginative, and superbly produced commercial, demonstrating why ‘phones are good’, is a ludicrously entertaining epic.

3. Montblanc, On The Move

Advertising Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Production Company: Anorak Film, Berlin, Germany

Post Production and VFX Studio, Black Kite, London, UK

The commercial for manufacturer and distributer of luxury goods Montblanc, based in Hamburg, Germany, features renowned Irish actor Cillian Murphy ‘On The Move’, in Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam’s advertising campaign theme of “What Moves You, Makes You”. 

Directed by filmmaker Ian Pons Jewell, Cillian Murphy is depicted in a world moving in a different direction to his own, and concludes that following one’s passions, even when it means having to swim against the tide, is ultimately the right direction to follow in life.

4. Apple Watch Series 5, Tells Time 

Advertising Agency: TBWA/Media Arts Lab, Los Angeles, California, USA

Production Company: Reset Content, Los Angeles, California, USA

Post Production Company Exile, Santa Monica, California, USA

Visual Effects Studio:  Electric Theatre Collective, London, UK

Directed by filmmaker Ian Pons Jewell, “This Watch Tells Time, Among Other Things” commercial, was filmed in the Czech Republic’s city of Prague and surrounding areas, and features a soundtrack of the song “Sympathy” by American rock band ‘Vampire’ from New York City.   

The extensive scenario, effectively highlights the Apple Watch Series 5’s multi-functionality. It can take phone calls, connect with satellites, track underwater distances covered, and many other personal activities.

5. Nike, Further Than Ever

Advertising Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Shanghai, China

Production Company: Academy Films, London, UK

Post Production and VFX Studio: Moving Picture Company, Shanghai, China

Nike’s ‘Further Than Ever’ integrated advertising campaign, seeks to break down social barriers, by celebrating China’s inspiring women athletes, who ignored disparaging misogynist views, to push themselves to laudable heights, of their chosen sport disciplines.

The commercial features Tennis Champion Li Na, five-star Boxing Champion Cai Zong Ju, Professional High-Jumper Cecilia Yeung, Champion Rowers Tina Liang Mintian, Cloris Chen Yuli, Amber Li Xiaobing and Sarah Meng, as well as blogger and Mental Health Advocate Nina Guo.

Directed by filmmaker Ian Pons Jewell, the meticulously planned and masterly edited kinetic images, make for impressively filmic and rewarding viewing.