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My Favourite Keith Schofield Commercials

This is another in the globally popular ACES series of featuring commercial film directors that I admire for bringing creative concepts and storylines to filmic life that enthrall viewers.

Advertising Communication industry acknowledgements of their exemplary filmmaking craftsmanship with accolades and international awards, are hard-won and well deserved.

Keith Schofield

Keith’s filmmaking passion started during his high school days in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He spent his weekends and school holidays experimenting with video editing and special effects on his computer.

After graduating from New York University’s Film School, he inevitably was drawn into directing music videos.

His highly creative visual inventiveness resulted in some notable successes that include a 2008 UK Music ‘Best Rock Video’ Award for his direction of Supergrasses’ “Bad Blood” promotional video.

Anthem Magazine described his cinematically crafted output as; “sensations of joyous vitality that regale viewers”.

His filmmaking venture into directing commercials has likewise produced an impressive output of rewarding viewing for many brand campaigns.

1. Mountain Dew, Kickstart

Mountain Dew Kickstart’s 2015 Super Bowl ‘Everything Comes Alive’ commercial, directed by Keith Schofield, is very entertaining and was hugely popular with Super Bowl TV viewers of all ages.

Online viewing access motivated a staggering 10 million YouTube downloads within 36 hours.

The special effects are by Eight VFX Studio in Santa Monica, USA, and the soundtrack features the hit song ‘Out The Speakers’ by A-Trak, Milo & Otis, and Rich Kidz.

2. IKEA, Carousel Kitchen

Advertising Agency: Mother, London, UK

The meticulously planned timing and smoothly co-ordinated perpetual flow of the commercial by director Paul Schofield, is an executional filming and editing triumph.

The skillfully crafted analogous ‘carousel’ of family activity during meal times resonates with smiling recognition and brand affinity that makes for rewarding viewing.

3. Dreamies Deli-Catz, Best Friends

Advertising Agency: Adam & Eve/DDB, London

Brilliantly directed by Keith Schofield, this commercial is a reminder for all cat owners that cats will always do what cats have to do. I won’t reveal more about this memorably nostalgic story in case you haven’t seen it before.

4. Telefónica 02, I Used To Be A Cat

Avertising Agency: VCCP (Vallance Carruthers Coleman Priest), London

Telefónica UK Limited is a telecommunications services provider with 26 million subscribers and headquartered in Slough, Berkshire.

‘I Used To Be A Cat’, motivated 385,000 views on YouTube within 48 hours of its online release, and is part of a series of stories for Telefonica 02’s multi award-winning ‘Be More Dog’ advertising communication campaign, directed by Keith Schofield.

The rationale behind the amusing metaphoric communication campaign of embracing the new O2 technology is elucidated on Telefonica’s website as follows:

“Life in the digital 21st century is amazing and there are thousands of things that should marvel and inspire us, but unfortunately we are clouded by other experiences that blinds us to appreciate what technology can do for us”.

“In other words, we’ve become more ‘cat’ as less interested and distant while we should be embracing our energised and friendly inner dog”.

5. Braun S3 Electric Razor, The Next Level

Advertising Agency: Abbot Mead Vickers BBDO, London, UK

Directed by Keith Schofield in collaboration with The Mill special effects studio in London, and animator Andrew Wood, this fun Braun commercial awakens nostalgic memories of Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog video games.

The skillfully crafted choreography of sequences depicts a fast moving game of avoiding challenging obstacles on the path to adulthood, with the aim of reaching the next level to score the sought-after prize of a Braun S3 Electric Razor.

6. Virgin Trains, Very Fast Chair                                                      

Advertising Agency: Anomaly, London, UK

Directed by Keith Schofield, the commercial is an entertaining depiction of imagining what the ideal form of travel would be.

The amusing visual analogies highlight the food, entertainment, free WiFi and service available on Virgin Rail’s fast-moving trains to conclude that the ideal form of travel is already here.

7. Citroen C3, Dog Romance

Advertising Agency: Les Gaulois (previously named H), Paris, France

Keith Schofield’s skillful direction of a highly phantasised ‘love- at-first-sight’ canine encounter makes for rewarding viewing.

The cutely sentimental, visually told story to highlight the C3’s low fuel consumption advantage is surprisingly emotive.