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PlayStation’s Wild, Weird, Wondrous World

According to ‘Statista’, the German online portal for statistics, there are currently more than 2.4 billion gamers in the world. A staggering total that embraces about one-third of the world’s entire population!

And over the last decade, the concept of ‘professional gaming’, commonly referred to as “esports”, has dramatically progressed into mainstream culture. More than 4.7 billion active mobile devices are in constant, daily play.

Not surprisingly, Game Design Development is the world’s fasted growing creative industry. The employment of individual creative skills that make up teams of multi-crafting disciplines, include:

2-D and 3-D motion graphic artists, animators, illustrators, art directors, graphic designers, set designers, costume designers, script and dialogue copywriters, video and film directors, subject matter experts and researchers, audio engineers, voice over artists, game level designers and programmers, and interactive media developers.

And for creative practitioners of all stripes, the good news is, that according to game design industry experts, to sustain the ever-progressive momentum of product development and innovation, an even greater diversity of creative skills requirements will need to be recruited, starting today.

Sony Interactive Entertainment, Minato City, Tokyo, Japan

Recognised as a global leader in interactive and digital entertainment, the multinational Sony Corporation’s PlayStation, developed in 1994, is the brainchild of Sony executive Ken Kutaragi.

1. Sony PlayStation, Welcome To The Future of Play

Advertising Agency: 180, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Directed by Ruban Fleischer, this epic commercial involving 200 extras is part of PlayStation’s ‘For The Gamers’ campaign.

The very watchable time travel story of a Viking assault, is a amusing parody of the two worlds ‘gamers’ straddle; the one they physically occupy, and the other imaginary one they spend hours of their time delving into with fellow cyberspace compatriots.

2. Sony PlayStation Now, Play On Demand

Advertising Agency: adam&eve/DDB, New York, USA

Directed by Gary Freeman, the ‘Play On Demand’ commercial is part of global campaign highlighting the 800-plus games on PlayStation’s ‘Now’ service.

The sheer variation and scope of its streaming service access is cinematically dramatised by a host of familiar game characters dropping from the sky.

3. Sony PlayStation, It’s Time To Play

Advertising Agency: adam&eve/DDB, London, UK

Gary Freedman directed this frenetic, non-stop action, commercial with a mastery of combining live action and animation.

It’s an International, fun ‘gamer-romp ‘phantasy from beginning to end, featuring players interacting in the real world with some of their most loved PlayStation characters.

The soundtrack features the song “I Predict a Riot” by the English, Indie-Rock band from Leeds, the Kaiser Chiefs.

4. Sony PlayStation, This Could Be You

Advertising Agency: 180 Kingsday, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Superbly directed by Adam Berg, ‘This Could Be You’ commercial for the hugely successful ‘For The Players’ campaign series, serves as an entertaining reminder of the amazing immersive experiences PlayStation has to offer.

Whether one wishes to engage in an immersive experience of a superhero, a superstar footballer, or a skydiver decorated in disco lights, all, and more, are ready for play, and awaiting controller commands.

5. Sony PlayStation, Rivalry

Advertising Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH), New York, USA

This charming ‘Star Wars Rivalry’ commercial, with its conceptually strong storytelling scenario, and Film Director Wayne McClammy’s famed expertise in storytelling portrayals, is a rewarding, viewing delight.

6. Sony PlayStation, Star Wars Battlefront

Advertising Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH), New York, USA

Directed by Lance Acord with his trademark storytelling excellence, the cinematic ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ is a reminder of the huge impact the ‘Star Wars’ movie franchise has had on popular culture.

The commercial’s entertaining scenario dramatises the bond between gamers in the sharing of their extraordinary experiences on PlayStation.

7. Sony PlayStation, King

Advertising Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH), New York, USA

This metaphorical PlayStation phantasy of escapism, cinematically directed by Martin de Thurah, centers on a bored medieval King, wanting some fun, and dreaming of adventure.

He escapes from his gloomy castle and dreary Royal Court protocols to enter the phantasmagorical PlayStation universe where he finds all the daring, dashing, over-the-top challenges his heart desires.

The soundtrack by Woodwork Music, features an eerie version of Eurythmics’ ‘Sweet Dreams Are Made of This’.

8. Sony PlayStation, Play Has No Limits

Advertising Agency: adam&eve/DDB, New York, USA

Directed by Dan DiFelice, PlayStation 5’s DualSense, wireless controller commercial features a heroine’s surreal, icy landscape crossing and various strange encounters that include a Kraken’s threatening huge tentacles and an enormous rock creature in a dark cave.

Armed with a bow and arrows, she travels through, a mysterious, futuristic portal to a new immersive word where ‘play has no limits.

On AdAge, VP of global marketing Mary Yee explained, that the focus of the PlayStation 5 commercial is showcasing the promising sensory experiences that enable gamers to experience deeper immersive game playing enjoyment.