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Rimowa’s Life Journeys

Advertising Agency Anomaly and Rimowa’s internal creative team, launched the luggage manufacturing company’s first-ever global advertising campaign on the 120th anniversary of the brand’s formation in 1898 in Cologne, Germany, by Paul Morszeck.

I regard ‘The ‘Never Still’ integrated campaign of commercials for the brand’s anniversary, as an inspired creative communication initiative.

In Advertising Communication, there is nothing that I admire and enjoy more than an insightful creative idea that is executionally sustainable for a series of commercials that deepen brand affinity, and engender an intuitive consumer brand preference.

I also admired the attention given to authenticity. All the participants featured in the campaign for example, were required to use their personal Rimowa luggage no matter how old and travel worn they may be.

1. Rimowa, Never Still LeBron James

Advertising Agency: Anomaly, Berlin, Germany

Directed by Sweden’s highly talented Philippe Tempelman, the commercial stars Los Angeles Laker’s LeBron James, the American National Basketball Association player, widely regarded as the greatest player in the world, and often hailed as the greatest of all time.

LeBron’s introspective musings about his journey in life and legacy, after a grueling season, makes for enlightened and thoughtful viewing.

2. Rimowa, Never Still Nobu Matsuhisa

Advertising Agency: Anomaly, Berlin, Germany

Nobuyuki ‘Nobu’ Matsuhisa is a Japanese celebrity chef and restaurateur renowned for his inspired fusion cuisine of traditional Japanese and Peruvian dishes.

In this engaging commercial, skillfully directed with nuanced tone and mood by American Jared Knecht, Nobu reminisces about an ancient Japanese travel tale that metaphorically defines his own journey in life.

3. Rimowa, Never Still Adwoa Aboah

Advertising Agency: Anomaly, Berlin, Germany

Directed by German filmmaker and fashion photographer, Jonas Lindstroem, the commercial is a powerful portrayal of how British model and activist Adwoa Aboah overcame chronic depression by pushing herself to travel and emerging from darkness into light.

4. Rimowa, Never Still Roger Federer

Advertising Agency: Anomaly, Berlin, Germany

Directed by photographer and filmmaker Karim Huu Do from Switzerland, the commercial features Roger Federer, the 20 Grand Slam Tennis Tournament-winner, recalling a childhood conversation he had with his farther as he set off on his professional life’s journey to Zurich for the first time.

5. Rimowa, Never Still Yoon Ahn

Advertising Agency: Anomaly, Berlin, Germany

Directed by Maik Schuster and Max Paschke of the ‘I Am Here’ Directors Collective in Berlin and Cologne, Germany, the commercial highlights the Korean-American fashion and jewelry designer’s sources of inspiration for her bold designs with quotes from Yoon Ahn’s private travel diary.

6. Rimowa, Never Still Kim Jones

Advertising Agency: Anomaly, Berlin, Germany

Directed by Philippe Tempelman, the commercial focuses on the travels to Japan and India by the British fashion designer, and Artistic Director of DiorMen, Kim Jones.

He reveals how these travel experiences greatly inspire his signature designs of bringing the world of luxury and accessible cosmopolitan streetwear together.

“Everything I see has some form of inspiration. So you’re taking things and then twisting them into something. And that’s how I work”.