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The Art of TV Channel Idents

ACES Engagement: Known as ‘Idents’, TV Channel introductions and identification of program themes, and film genres, have increasingly become a creative focus for integrated media planning initiatives, and film production conceptualisations, aimed at achieving dual branding communication engagement.

1. Volkswagen Electrifying Movies, ITV

Advertising Agency: adam&eveDDB, London, UK

Production Company: Rattling Stick, London. UK

DDB conceived a series of 15 second commercials, for UK Volkswagen’s 2023 sponsorship of ITV’s ‘Electrifying Movies’.

Directed by Aircastle filmmaking duo of Jamie Cussen, and Will Beauchamp, the ’idents’ as they are known, for ITV channel program introductions and identification, feature amusing ‘electrifying movie’ moments, of Volkswagen’s Pure Electric and Plug-In Hybrid range.

2. Channel 4 Idents, Altogether Different’ Reflections

Advertising Agency: 4creative, London, UK

Production Company: Art Practice Creators’ Studio, London, UK

Film Directors: Optical Arts, Love Song Collective, London, UK

Post Production and VFX Studios: Time Based Arts, London, UK

Created by Channel 4’s multi-award-winning, in-house creative agency, 4creative, the new ’idents’ as they are known, for Channel 4’s program introductions and theme identifications, consist of 25 unique scenes, that are linked to create a filmic kaleidoscope of modern British society today, as seen through the eyes of a diverse group of independent artists, and filmmakers.

The visual dramatisation of the iconic Channel 4 logo idents, consisting of live-action, animation, and computer generated imagery, were seamlessly edited into a compelling, one-off film, accompanied by British writer John Joseph Holt’s voice-over narration.

3. McDelivery, ITV Drama Idents

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, London, UK

Production Company: Tantrum, London, UK

Directed by the Icelandic filmmaking duo of Samuel Petursson, and Gunnar Olafsson, the ITV Drama, McDelivery Ident scenarios, conceived by CD Art Director James Millers, and CD Copywriter Andrew Long, feature masterly produced and superbly enacted film-genre portrayals, that are compellingly amusing to view.

4. Mitsubishi Motors, Channel 4 Idents

Advertising Agency: Golley Slater, Cardiff, Wales, UK

Production Company: Joyrider Films, London, UK

Post Production and VFX Studios: Platform, London, UK

The Mitsubishi idents for Channel 4’s Documentary programs, were directed by filmmaker     Matt Westrup, who worked with Platform’s creative teams for over two months, in planning and constructing the superbly effective background images, that are central to each Mitsubishi model’s appropriate scene change.