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Titanium Triumphs Part 2

Part 2 of advertising campaign selections that exemplify Dan Wieden’s Titanium Cannes Charter, of honouring achievements so groundbreaking, that they pave the way to new advertising industry paths that are difficult to place into a conventional category.

The featured examples are from The United States of America, France, Australia, and The United Kingdom.

7. Amnesty International, Refugee Nation

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, New York, USA

Cannes Festival Titanium 2017

In 2016 the International Olympic Committee declared that they would, for the first time ever, include a team of qualifying refugee athletes to compete in the Rio Olympics to highlight the worldwide refugee crisis.

Ogilvy & Mather teamed up with Amnesty International for help in supporting the team to participate with dignity as a ‘Refugee Nation’ by sending them to the Rio Olympics with their own flag and national anthem.

With Amnesty’s tireless collaboration, O&M said; “The flag became a powerful symbol that created a societal awareness of their plight and challenged prejudices against refugees”.

Kevin Swanepoel, CEO of ‘The One Club for Creativity’ contributed this notable comment; “In a year rife with political discord and social upheaval all around the world, ‘The Refugee Nation’ is a prime example of how our communication industry can both beneficially reflect and influence our culture”.

8. State Street Global Advisors, Fearless Girl

Advertising Agency: McCann, New York, USA

Cannes Festival Titanium 2017

The ‘Brave Girl’ on Wall Street statue to commemorate International Women’s Day, received international acclaim. The resonance the inspirational symbolism of a young girl’s bravery achieved with women of all ages globally, vastly exceeded expectations.

The resultant social media responses highlighted the fact that online success can be very effectively motivated by a completely offline idea in a non- traditional media execution.

The statue generated over I billion Twitter impressions within 12 hours of its launch and that figure quickly increased to 4.6 billion, and in the following 12 weeks, 215,000 Instagram posts were also generated.

Stephen Tisdalle, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of State Street Global Advisors had this to say about the rationale behind their phenomenally successful ‘Fearless Girl’ campaign, to promote the proven power of having women in leadership:

“People admire brands that have conviction and stand for something that has a benefit to society”.

“No one wants to be marketed to. Instead, we sought to create a symbol for people from all walks of life, race, religion and creed to celebrate the power of women in leadership. This required an unconventional media approach”.

9. KENZO, World Perfume

Cannes Festival Titanium 2017

In 1964 Japanese designer Kenzo Takada moved to Paris to start his fashion career and in 1970, successfully founded the French Luxury House KENZO that bears his name.

Conceived in-house by Kenzo creative directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, the ‘Kenzo World’ commercial was produced and directed by filmmaker Spike Jonez starring actress Margaret Qualley,

The soundtrack of ‘Mutant Brain,’ was specially composed and written for the commercial by DJs Sam Spiegel & Ape Drums with vocals by Assassin.

The story is about a wedding guest in a green dress that leaves her table companions, and begins a surreal dance routine around the hotel. The scenario includes the spectacular symbolism of a prominent ‘eye icon’ that forms part of the brand’s packaging design.

2000,000 views were recorded within a week after the commercial’s online posting, and universally applauded by fashion and advertising trade presses for its originality, spirit of independence and freedom.

It was described as an innovative break from classic impressionism to personified expressionism that created a new benchmark of what perfume advertising should be.

10. Republic of Palau, Legacy Project

Advertising Agency: Host/Havas, Sydney, Australia

Social and Public Relations Agency: Red Havas, Sydney, Australia

Cannes Festival Titanium 2018

The innovative ‘Palau Legacy Project’ campaign involved a ‘Visitors Pledge’ by tourists on entering the republic to respectfully protect the island paradise from any potential environmental degradation mass tourism could cause.

The aim of the campaign is to preserve the economic value of tourism that depends so heavily on preserving the ecology of the 500-island archipelago that is one of the best diving destinations in the world.

11. Tourism Australia, The Son of Crocodile Dundee

Cannes Festival Titanium 2018

Advertising Agency : Droga5, New York, USA

Directed by Steve Rogers, the Dundee TV commercial was part of an integrated Tourism Australia campaign, launched during the American Super Bowl Championships, that draws an audience of a 100 million plus viewers of all ages every year.

Starring actors Chris Hemsworth and Danny McBride with a cameo from Dundee star Paul Hogan, the commercial was directed to look like part of a full production, cinematic promotion for a new Crocodile Dundee movie.

The commercial was actually about selling Australia but many viewers thought the ‘trailer’ was real and went on line to find out more about ‘The Son of a Legend Returns Home’.

The campaign motivated 102 million plus video views on social media, and was the tenth most watched commercial in the USA. The result was a 30% increase in Australian related tourism sales.

12. Nike, Nothing Beats a Londoner

Advertising Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, London, UK

Cannes Festival Titanium 2018

This epic commercial, that many commentators regard as Nike’s best film ever, was directed by French Collective MEGAFORCE filmmakers Léo Berne, Charles Brisgand, Raphaël Rodriguez, and Clément Gallet.

Nike’s ‘Nothing Beats a Londoner’ scenario that celebrates the multicultural dynamism of London’s inhabitants, motivated wide ranging online discussions that delved into a myriad of perceptions and perspectives on what makes a ‘Londoner’ so demonstrably unbeatable.