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Vodafone’s Embracing Accessibility

The Vodafone Group, a British, multinational telecommunications company headquartered in London, provides its services to Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Oceania regions.

Following the principle of ‘Think Global, Act Local‘, Vodafone has, in partnership with its advertising agencies, produced many advertising initiatives that are noteworthy for their effectiveness in communicating to each country’s target audience it operates in.

1. Vodafone, Gaming For Anyone

Advertising Agency: Spot JWT, Tirana, Albania

Vodafone Albania’s high-speed, mobile Internet service commercial, ends by dispelling the myth that only boys are interested in gaming. The reality is, that currently there is an estimated one billion girl gamers in the world, and that figure is likely to rise exponentially.

Expertly directed by filmmaker Vangelis Liberopoulos, the cinematic commercial, inspired by the blockbuster, science-fiction movie ‘Independence Day’ starring Will Smith, highlights Vodafone’s readily available gaming access for anyone with a mobile device.

2. Vodafone, Brothers

Advertising Agency: Wunderman Thompson, Lisbon, Portugal

Filmmaker Augusto Fraga’s masterful direction, delivers stellar performances from his cast about touching family interactions of love and reconciliation.

The moral of Vodafone’s story is that the festive season is not only about opening gifts. It is also a time of casting aside the family grudges and sibling rivalries of the past and opening one’s heart.

3. Vodafone, The Singer

Advertising Agency: JWT, Lisbon, Portugal

Directed by filmmaker Augusto Fraga, ‘The Singer’ commercial features an engaging story about a young lad’s experiences of peer pressure, bullying, empathy, and redeeming acceptance.

Stellar performances by the young cast ensure rewarding viewing.

4. Vodafone, The Journey

Advertising Agency: Target McConnells, Dublin, Ireland

‘The Journey’s’ theme of “Who we are is how we play” is part of Vodafone’s heralded, ‘Team of Us’, sponsorship campaign.
The film scenario centres on the real life recollections and anecdotes of Irish Ruby players Rory Best, Tadhg Furlong, Conor Murray and Tiernan O’Halloran.

Directed by filmmaker Hadi Thomas, the insightful actuality portrayals, serve as a reminder of the human truth, that one’s character and outlook on life are defined by one’s upbringing and surroundings.

5. Vodafone, Add Power To Your Life

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt, Hamburg, Germany

Superbly directed by filmmaker Sebastian Strasser, this metaphorically visual exaggeration of Vodafone’s transforming power is very watchable.

The surprising opportunities at hand that one can grab in the most unexpected circumstances and places, is a memorably effective dramatisation of the brand promise.

6. Vodafone, Piggy Sue

Advertising Agency: FCB, Auckland, New Zealand

Directed by filmmaker Steve Rogers, ‘Piggy Sue’ not only stole the hearts of New Zealand viewers but also the hearts of country lovers, animal lovers and vegetarians globally.

Vodafone spokesperson Fleur McFarlane said that the commercial was primarily about the national culture of caring for all friends, whether human or animal, and the community spirit that connects all rural New Zealanders.

7. Vodafone, Raising Voices

Advertising Agency: Santo, London, UK

Directed by filmmaker Hanna Maria Heidrich, ‘Raising Voices’ offers an entertaining take on how children and adolescents view gender differences.

Hanna’s skilful direction elicits superb performances from her young cast.

8. Vodafone 3G, The Haircut

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Kolkata, India

This amusing commercial directed with great human insight by filmmaker Prakash Varma, features a scenario about a young lad’s deep distress about the haircut his Mum chose for him.

Fortunately, with the help of Vodafone 3G’s super-fast network, his sympathetic Dad manages to find a quick way to save the day.